Modus Movement Studio

Ido Portal Mentorship Students offering the highest standard movement training and classes in Perth

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The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do. If you don’t move, your body will make you better at not moving. If you move, your body will allow more movement.” – Ido Portal


But what do we actually do?

We invite you to improve your work ethic, self knowledge and discipline around physical training.

Our facility offers an intelligent and proven process to help individuals discover their physicality, cultivate skills and develop awareness of how to LIVE , MOVE and also be STILL in their body. We are a growing community dedicated to exploring the full universe of movement under the guidance of our sensei.

We don’t do fitness and exercise, we approach the spectrum of movement as craftsmen and perpetual students, cultivating a daily practice with a beginner’s mind and doing the work that needs to be done with self ownership. We teach principles rather than skills.

Our students learn how to become aware of their patterns, move their spine, locomote across the floor, invert, work with objects, be co-ordinated, have speed, strength, mobility and morph into GENERALIST MOVERS rather than specialists.

It’s not just about doing the things you like or are good at, rather, our orientation is to be in this perpetual learning mode working on what we are NOT good at.

We teach our students using various tools, methods and concepts from the wide field of physical movement learned from years studying closely with Ido Portal. For this reason, we teach ALL LEVELS from the absolute beginner onwards.

There is a schedule of daily classes and open gym to help further the development of your movement possibilities, drawing on principles distilled from martial arts, dance, strength and conditioning, parkour amongst many more.

Please Note! Non residents of Western Australia MUST contact us and apply before arrival

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