Modus Movement Studio

Ido Portal Mentorship Students offering the highest standard movement training and classes in Perth

These days, anyone can give themselves a title and feign credibility. At Modus, part of our quality assurance under standards of excellence means NO ONE teaches unless they have skin in the game and walk the talk with extensive experience.

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After travelling the world and visiting friends he had met through the Ido Portal Camp, Mark settled in Perth in search of community. He now aims to be at the forefront of movement in Perth. His journey has been fraught with injuries and issues but he has worked through them all, now deeply confident with his extensive knowledge of rehabilitation through movement as a Mentorship student of Ido Portal and his university degree in Exercise Science. Mark is an intelligent teacher who is always researching and learning more about the body so that he is able to advise and walk the talk. Mark is our head teacher and is also available for private consultations and programming.

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As a Chiropractor, Dr Margaret Durnan works hard to provide high-quality evidence-based management of musculoskeletal problems as well as advice for healthy living. She approaches rehabilitation through a holistic approach involving nutrition and lifestyle changes. Margaret is a devoted Mentorship student of the Ido Portal method and has found her training with the method to be game changing in her Chiropractic approach well as life changing on a physical and personal level. In addition to her Chiropractic qualification she holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Chiropractic. Margaret is our resident injury management person and is also available for private Movement Therapy consultations.



Growing up with an appetite for sport and physical activity, Jacob took his practice seriously however consistent injuries and ineffective rehabilitation more often than not left him sidelined. These setbacks oriented him to seek a physical education, beginning with his Exercise Science degree. While completing his degree, Jacob came across Ido Portal’s work, finding the ideas and method a not so common-sense approach and an exciting pathway to continue as a student. As current online student of the Ido Portal Team, Jacob’s continued practice with the method has brought him to Perth to further develop his movement practice and community as a teacher at Modus.

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