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CLASSES are programmed and regressed/progressed according to individual needs and abilities. If you have a body, we would LOVE to see you in class and support you on your movement journey. We provide an education to develop your body’s user manual. Beginners are welcomed.

If you are willing to learn, we will teach you.

OPEN GYM is limited to students who have already purchased a tuition option below. It is a time to further your practice and work on your projects learned in class. A good student will study in their own time as well. It is self guided but teachers and other students are around to move with.

how do i get started?

We run projects in 6 week blocks. We accept new students during the first 2 weeks of the project with the following attendance options:

Option 1: Our Intro to Movement Course

Option 2: Our 3 CLASS TRIAL PASS option allows you to try any 3 classes on the schedule within 7 days for only 60.00 . This is limited to first time attendees and gives you the option of trying classes before you commit to a tuition option.

New Students can purchase a 3 class pass only during the first 2 weeks. If the first 2 weeks of the project has started the only other way to join is to complete the Intro course. Please EMAIL us to book a 3 class pass or simply book Option 1 via the link


Option 3: Private training sessions with Mark, Margaret or Jacob

150.00 for 1 hour session. Programming is an additional fee depending on level needed. Form to book is located at the end of this page

We are a TRIBE. A community.

This is not a consumerist transaction but the development of YOU as a human existing in a body. We reserve the right to deny Tuition.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts if it is your first session so we can get you started with your pass or call in advance.

During class you will be taught at your level, but expected to give your best. One of our lead teachers will give your work depending on your current ability and background.

From here, we have tuition fees in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS based on frequency of attendance.

One of the best things about our facility is that our tuition options INCLUDE your basic programming for the strength component of classes and is updated as YOU progress.

We have TEACHERS, not Instructors. You will be progressed/regressed as you meet standards and goals.

  • 10 class pass - for people who live far away, or due to circumstances and can only make it in 1x per week. Expires at 2 months. 300.00

  • 12 x month - or 3x week attendance for those who wish to have a regular practice. Monthly debit 270.00
    Minimum term is 3 months

  • Unlimited - for the serious practitioners wanting the most progress and our recommended option. Monthly debit 340.00 Minimum term 3 months

  • Annual Unlimited - we have people RELOCATE to Perth for this education as well as the dedicated students. Unlimited classes for a calendar year 3000.00

  • For full time uni and high school students we have concessional options. Please start with a 3 class pass and talk to us in person.

Please bring a Notebook, towel and water bottle.

Late attendees will not be admitted.

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